[amsat-bb] UIView32 Config for ISS APRS

Peter Kaminski peter at dl9dak.de
Thu Aug 28 15:21:26 UTC 2014


I have a few question to the experts of APRS via ISS.

Very often I got packets back from the ISS with my location - so my 
signals are copied. But it seems to be that not all station could decode 
my infos sending out. Sometime on aprs.fi my position will be shown but 
in the last heard list my callsign will not appear.

So I read the following article:

Interesting to me but I am not shure how to optimize my UIView32 
configuration. May be somebody can help me.

In the Station Setup dialog I set (of course text without ")
Unproto port: "1"
Unproto address: "APRS,ARISS"
Beacon comment: (no input)
UI-View Tag: (set to on)

So can I optimize my Unproto address/APRS path and may be it usefull to 
deactivate UI-View Tag??

In the article the author says it is possible to send also grid and 
operator name. Is this still correct?
So if so how can I do this.
Is "APRS,ARISS,JO43XO,Peter" the correct way to do it in UIView32??

The article says also it should be neccessary to incluce "CQ VIA" in the 
path field. But is this realy neccessary in UIView32?

Anothing thing is that the article says a ">" should be as first 
character in the status text. Is this correct for UIView32 too??


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