[amsat-bb] DCC Proceedings Abstracts Announced - 2014 ARRL/TAPR Digital Communications Conference Austin, TX September 5-7, 2014

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DCC Proceedings Abstracts:
33rd ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference
September 5-7, 2014

High-Speed Wireless Networking in the UHF and Microwave Bands 
by David Bern, W2LNX and Keith Elkin, KB3TCB
Abstract: This paper discusses building an amateur radio wireless network using commercial off the shelf wireless networking equipment that is currently available. As an example, four Ubiquiti NanoStation M3 3.4 GHz digital radios are used to assemble a demonstration network of two wireless network links that operate on two different frequencies. In conclusion, the paper invites the amateur radio community to build a nationwide highspeed amateur radio wireless backbone network to connect all local amateur radio area community wireless networks.
Proceedings Paper

Clarifying the Amateur Bell 202 Modem 
by Kenneth W. Finnegan, W6KWF and Bridget Benson, PhD

The Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) and Its Potential for Amateur Radio 
by Eduardo Gonzalez , Dr Stan McClellan and Dr Wuxu Peng

SDR-based DATV-Express Exciter for Digital-ATV 
by Ken Konechy, W6HHC

A Radioteletype Over-Sampling Software Decoder for Amateur Radio 
by Joseph J. Roby, Jr, K0JJR

An HF Frequency-Division Multiplex (FDM) Modem 
by Steven Sampson, K5OKC

Modulation - Demodulation Software Radio 
by Alex Schwarz VE7DXW and Guy Roels ON6MU

Installing a LIF port into the FT-950 transceiver 
by Alex Schwarz, VE7DXW

Installing a LIF port into the IC-756ProIII transceiver 
by Alex Schwarz, VE7DXW

The European HAMNET - A Large Scale High Speed Radio Network 
by Jann Traschewski, DG8NGN

Implementation of Basic Analog and Digital Modulation Schemes using a SDR Platform 
by Jose M. Valencia and Omar H. Longoria

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