[amsat-bb] more from the Satpc32 aggravation file

Lizeth Norman normanlizeth at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 16:03:46 UTC 2014

Why would altering the doppler.sqf file not work with direct
modification via Windows Notepad?
The symptom is that the frequency is not recognized, although the line
in the doppler.sqf file is apparently correct.
Going over to the .tle file to check the spelling, spacing and so
forth on the satellite name, the bright idea overcame me to find out
what happens when I copy and paste the name (obviously the same to the
EYE!!!) from the .tle file to the doppler.sqf file.
Low and behold, it worked. Nothing in the rest of the line in the
doppler.sqf file was altered.
I surmise that even though the displayed characters are the same,
somehow they are not.
What is the formatting issue that I'm running into? This has happened
before AND I have not, until today found out why.
How do I fix this? I have spent a fair amount of headbanging here.
This is just the latest episode.
If I looked at the file in a hex editor, I am sure I would not know
what to look for. Probably break more than I fix.
Norm n3ykf

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