[amsat-bb] satpc32 driving SDR radio version 2.2 with Omnirig and the funcube dongle

Lizeth Norman normanlizeth at gmail.com
Sat Aug 16 11:10:04 UTC 2014

Hi all!
Haven't had this much fun crashing software since the bad old days of
Windows 95! SDR console somehow managed to attempt to divide by zero, at
least that's what the bug report said. Armageddon hasn't happened. It also
has a bad habit reminiscent of the old days: memory doesn't get released
when the program terminates. Makes a restart necessary.

Within the limits of my laptop, the combination of satpc32 driving SDR
radio version 2.2/omnirig software with the FCD is mostly working. I've
taken a page from Tom, W9KE's book and convinced both pieces of software
that they are or are talking to a Kenwood ts-2000, by linking them with
Virtual Serial Port Manager (free for hams from K5FR).

A few bugs/features: When the cat function of satpc32 is engaged, the
frequency that is selected and sent to radio (the funcube dongle) is the tx
freq of the satellite, not the rx freq. I did read the help file. Fiddling
with the setting 4 in the DivOptions.sqf doesn't help. Another one is that
SDR radio will only reproduce the correct audio all the time on vfo "b". I
suspect that one or both can be worked around.

Any ideas for a fix? I did play with adding /editing the cat file function
from the front panel of satpc32. Didn't help.  Tried selecting the
automatic tx/rx change. Even tried to fake out satpc32 with a fake radio 2.
No success. Manually edited the doppler.sqf for one satellite. That works.
I'd like to use this with my other radios. Any ideas how to maintain
compatibility without making too much of a mess changing between one
configuration and another?

I'd like to drive one more layer, a data/cw demodulation software package
via virtual audio cable.

Thought Simon was joking when he stated the pc requirements. I've got a 2.2
GHz core 2 duo with 2 gig of memory. This program sucks in the sides on the
pc, then gets it to stumble and mumble at maximum sample rate. I doubt
adding memory would help.
Norm n3ykf

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