[amsat-bb] Chasqui-1 deployment from ISS + Galileo GPS launches

M5AKA m5aka at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Aug 15 20:13:09 UTC 2014

Chasqui-1 CubeSat deployment from ISS on August 18 after 1400 GMT - live TV coverage

Galileo GPS system enters system deployment phase - downlink 1260-1300 MHz

Galileo SATs 5-6 are scheduled to lift off at 12:31 GMT (14:31 CEST, 09:31 local time) on 21 August from Kourou on top 
of a Soyuz rocket. They are expected to become operational, after 
initial in-orbit testing, in autumn.

The two satellites will join the four Galileo 'in-orbit validation' satellites already in space. 
Launched in pairs in October 2011 and October 2012, these four 
satellites - the minimum required to obtain a position fix - served to demonstrate and validate the space and ground segments of the system.

Galileo SATs 7-8 are scheduled to follow end of year 2014. Then the constellation will be gradually deployed with six to eight 
satellites launched per year using a series of Soyuz and Ariane launches from Kourou, along with remaining elements of the ground network.

Galileo - 23cm band and WRC-18

Dnepr Launch Planned for October

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