[amsat-bb] 9Z4FZ Updates

Hector, CO6CBF co6cbf at frcuba.co.cu
Tue Aug 12 22:55:09 UTC 2014

Hello to all!


Julien, 9Z4FZ is having some issues to connect his TS-2000 to the PC. If any TS-2000 user can help, please feel free to email him at his address in qrz.com.


I am sure, he will appreciate any hint. 




Hector, CO6CBF / KF5YXV




Since Hector CO6CBF invoke my satellite spirit back ,I have been putting back all the gears together ,over the past few days, I have been focusing on building a computer for the birds not one but three ,so far I have put together a dell optiplex SX-280  but running a SX-620 board .

I am more a Linux guy ,I install Gpredict and tried to connect the radio for the software to control the radio, three day now I feel like i am going mad so simple and the ts-2000 is not being control ,hamlib rigctld  and libhamlib2 install and Gpredict is not controlling the radio when in satellite mode the ts-2000 not function properly .

After reaching  i found hams with the same problems i am having ,Problems with the Kenwood TS-2000 for satellite work




I have a registered copy of Nova for windows I tried running it under wine in Linux but not performing so good, well i have set back up a windows machine to see if i can get my radios to be control for the Doppler shift ,I am getting out my receive is the problem and it is centered around the Doppler as to move frequencies as the bird move .

I will run Nova ,I have TRX Manager that can run with Nova  to get the Doppler  to work ,also I have Asatlogger that need Nova for Doppler operation it will work the ts-2000,d700a,d710 and the th-d7 kenwood radios, also I have RADCOM 5.2 TX/RX it have satellite operation in it as well , I have some option ,once I can get the software to control the radio for Doppler operation FK90IP will work every bird he can from voice to digital 1.2Ghz and above they bring it and I will work it .

Other hams will be coming on board too, many of them have ft-857, ft--897 and can be work in half duplex mode with gpredict as they can be control by the software by later today I will be back on Apr’s and Packet via the ISS have have the necessary hardware and software for this resources is not a problem the problem is just the receive to fix. 



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