[amsat-bb] satellite grid map reqeust

John Papay john at papays.com
Mon Aug 4 00:57:46 UTC 2014

Several years ago I started posting grid maps on my
website so that grid chasers and grid expeditioners
could get an idea of what was needed by active satellite
operators.  However, some of these maps have not been
updated in quite a while.  And there are many new grid
chasers that have not submitted their maps for posting.

If you have a map that is currently posted and has not
been updated recently please send me an updated map(s)
or just send me a text file of the grids you have confirmed,
one 4 character grid square per line And another text file
of grids you have worked but are not yet confirmed using
the same format of one grid per line.  I will generate the
maps from these files and you can download and print the
resulting map that will be posted.

If you have never submitted a map, please consider doing so.
Knowing who has what is very helpful to potential grid
expeditioners and it is a nice way to keep track of what you
need and where that grid is located with respect to grids
you already have.  It's a lot easier for someone in a grid
adjacent to one you need to go there compared to someone who
might live hundreds of miles away doing the same.  If you
send me your grid lists as specified above, I will generate
the maps for you.

Here's a list maps on my website and the date they were updated:

AA4QE 5/11/2012
AC0RA 8/26/2013
CO6CBF 11/22/2011
K6YK 4/26/2011
KB1RVT 9/6/2013
KB9RID 1/8/2011
KC0YBM 12/31/2011
KD8CAO 10/8/2011
KD8KSN 8/2/2011
KI6YAA 11/30/2010
KK5DO 4/21/2012
KO4MA 10/28/2013
N5AFV 2/25/2012
VA3OR 3/22/2012
W5PFG 9/16/2012
WA4NVM 2/27/2012
WD9EWK 3/4/2012

Info on how to make the maps is on the grid map page:

John K8YSE

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