[amsat-bb] Antenna Question

Douglas Phelps dphelps1 at ameritech.net
Wed Apr 30 20:04:42 PDT 2014

I have finished building the WRAP rotor.  Works great.  Actually I finished it a month ago.  I want to put 2 Arrow Antennas on it (and it will lift the weight) at cross angles so there is a vertical and horizontal VHF and UHF array.  The arrows do not work well with circular polarization.  I tried taking 2 arrows and make a VHF and UHF crossed YAGI but the 2 antennas will not tune. so now my idea is to have 2 regular arrow antennas at cross angles and, using a proper power splitter, feed the horizontal VHF (or UHF)vertical and horizontal antennas at the same time.  It seems to me that the E fields will be at right angles and should not interfere. Also, because I am feeding them from the same TX, the waves should pretty well maintain phase (that is, I should not have an cancellation due to phase difference).  I want to do this to help eliminate the fade as the satellite rotates.  I have a receive preamp also.  It seems, to me, that as the
 vertical signal moves to horizontal that the vertical antenna will receive less and the horizontal antenna will receive more.

Can anyone, with a greater understanding of antennas than myself, tell why my idea would not work.  I would like a technical answer if possible.



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