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Mr. Stephen Thornber FRSPH FBCS CITP CISM skthornber at me.com
Fri Apr 25 12:45:14 PDT 2014

Hello all,

Dan Cussen asked me to list kit and interests. 

Computer in the shack MAC PRO TOWER - With VMWare so I can run PC(XP) on the mac. (also got a couple of iPads ) the shack is finer connected networked to a synology disc station and there is a MacBookPro on the network in the house.

Older (first HF rig) Yaesu FT-817 UHF/VHF/HF Low power - currently used only for local 2mtr repeater.

KENWOOD TS 2000 VHF/UHF HF Has SAT features. No Antenna (Has separate VHF/UHF & 1.2Ghz connectors ) currently I do not have suitable antenna awaiting ideas. HAS SignalLink connected and to Computer for Ham Radio Delux connection

ICOM IC7000 [AT-100ProII Autotuner] Connected to two G5RV Jr]

2 x SCS PTC-IIusb DSP Multimode PACTOR Controllers these have ability (Not that I know how in most cases) to do Pactor, amt or, rtty, fax/sstv, CW, Packet

Rotator is dead - so will buy new onadvice.

I can will change any / all of this configuration on advice 

I have a morse key and paddle but have NO morse.

More importantly is it worth doing any longer - I have listened for a long time and not heard much chit chat about satellite or space or radio astronomy.

As for what interests me - all sorts, just getting the stuff to work and talk voice or digitally to somebody else would be a good start. I want to know if there are sats that can be accessed regularly and relatively easily from the UK? Is there much activity. 

I would do weather stuff, moon bounce, data, packet, aprs or anything else for that matter if I could and understood (I mean i'm not stupid I do know some stuff) more about what was out there to do and get my teeth into. Is there any real research stuff worth doing and so the list goes on with the questions.

for Dave G4DPZ - I have a FunCube dongle, lost interest when I couldn't get anything out of it on day one… so perhaps you can help me get my monies worth their too.

Cheers all for the replies thus far.

Stephen G6SGA

Stephen Thornber

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