[amsat-bb] ALL-STAR Tracking

Franklin Hinckley Franklin.Hinckley at colorado.edu
Thu Apr 24 11:01:03 PDT 2014

The Colorado SpaceGrant Consortium had their ALL-STAR/THEIA satellite
launch on the Dragon CRS-3 mission on Friday the 18th and the student team
here at University of Colorado-Boulder is working on verifying that the
satellite is indeed functioning.  If anyone with an S-Band receiver would
be able to assist in this it would be greatly appreciated.  The satellite
is currently identified by JSPOC as NORAD ID 39684, identifier 14022E.  The
downlink is 2401.7 MHz 254kbps BPSK.  The satellite, when over the Boulder,
CO area will point the transmit antenna at the ground station and transmit
constant carrier with a 15s beacon interval, when not over Boulder the
satellite will align the transmit antenna nadir and beacon every 15s, with
no carrier in between.  Any assistance in confirming that the satellite is
transmitting, and beacon data if possible would be greatly appreciated.

Franklin Hinckley
*Aerospace Engineering Sciences*
BS/MS Co-term -- Remote Sensing
*Colorado SpaceGrant Consortium*
Ground Station Lead
DANDE COM/Science Lead

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