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Simon Brown simon at sdr-radio.com
Mon Apr 14 13:25:38 PDT 2014


Thanks for the explanation :) . Looks like there aren't that many antennas
available, maybe it'll be the X-Quad from WIMO...

Simon Brown G4ELI

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Stainless steel is a very bad material to be used to made antennas or to be
used as an electrical conductor because his specific resistivity is very
very high ( 1,61 x 10^-7 )

Since at Radio Frequency the RF current flows only over a thin surface of
the metallic material than the stainless steel could be used provided it is
electrolitically silver plated because the specific resistivity of silver is
the lowest possible ( 1,59 x 10^-9 ) but this procedure is very costly and
the silver over the stainless steel do not last very much !

Use only aluminum for your antennas as shows the very low specific
resistivity of aluminum as listed on the following address:


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