[amsat-bb] Re: Wouxun KG-UV8D

Michael Mat_62 at charter.net
Sat Apr 12 14:08:42 PDT 2014

If there were a market for them they'd be out there.  I think the amount 
of people who want to work Flying repeaters  by juggling an HT and a 
handheld antenna is smaller than what that type of operations proponents 
would have you believe. Not saying there is anything wrong with doing it 
that way, just that I don't think it's as popular as it once was. Maybe 
the current lack of flying repeaters is the cause.  There is a dearth of 
all mode base station rigs compared to what there used to be too because 
there aren't as many viable satellites as there used to be. Hopefully 
that changes soon  enough.  I know AMSAT is working hard to launch more 
sats. Well....more flying repeaters anyway.
Michael, W4HIJ
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>> Which current HT models do perform full duplex without any
>> desense on the
>> receive side?
>> 73 John AF5CC
> The ICOM IC-24AT works great Full Duplex on the FM birds.
> 73,
> Steve WI2W
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