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Bruce kk5do at arrl.net
Sat Apr 12 09:06:53 PDT 2014

I just completed uploading all my satellite QSO's to LOTW, 1993-2001. I 
only did a handful of satellite contacts after that with my HT which I 
also uploaded.

It took a little bit of programming to convert the old storage locations 
of data (pre-LoTW) to the LoTW fields. I even uploaded my trips to 
EL39/EM30, EL19/EM10, FN21 and EM99. As there was no really great 
program that would allow changing all the necessary fields, I used Macro 
Express (which I use to automate my system). It allowed me to make mouse 
moves and clicks, change and massage text (AO10, AO13, AO27 to AO-10, 
AO-13, AO-27, etc) and add the prop mode which were never in existence 
when I started logging.

Then I setup a VUCC account in my LoTW account.

How many matched QSO's? 193
How many Grids for Satellite VUCC? 40

After loading the 6,000 QSO's, I checked back in about 15 minutes and 
had only matched 55 QSO's. When I checked the next day, there were the 
193 matches. Guess LoTW takes a bit of time to run your matches. Maybe 
when I check back tomorrow, there will be more Grid matches as I just 
created the VUCC account.

That really is not a bad match percentage since many hams have since 
become SK and many have reached the age of non-operating. Also, those 
back then used either paper or early logging programs which have not 
been converted to LoTW format and uploaded. I gained no new DXCC 
entities. Unsure if I have any new grids, I will have to take the paper 
receipts from the ARRL and manually check them.



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