[amsat-bb] Re: Another theory regarding the Fermi Paradox

Kevin Muenzler, WB5RUE kevin at eaglecreekobservatory.org
Thu Apr 3 08:09:59 PDT 2014

I've often wondered how far my early HF transmissions (or any transmissions)
will make it into space.  I know that most of them were absorbed or
reflected by the ionosphere but I'm sure that some of them made it through.
I wonder if the space aliens can read CW.

tnx fir qso om 73 hp cul

Kevin Muenzler, WB5RUE
Floresville, Texas -- Grid EL09uf (or vf, depends on where I stand in my
Being superstitious is bad luck!

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> The Fermi Paradox asks, if there are other intelligent civilizations 
> in the galaxy, why have they not come to visit us?

...They must have intercepted satellite transmissions of C-SPAN and
concluded there is no intelligent life on earth.

- Howie AB2S
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