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Bryce Salmi bstguitarist at gmail.com
Mon Oct 28 11:29:07 PDT 2013

+1 for humor :D

As one of the students on the Fox-2 MPPT project it's great to see interest
in the project and associated topics. Expect to hear more technical details
about the Fox-2 MPPT.

It's pretty neat to be indirectly responsible for answering one of those
pesky questions! Next up on the chopping block:


Bryce Salmi

On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 11:07 AM, n0jy <n0jy at n0jy.org> wrote:

> Through his work on the educational aspects of the Fox satellites, Mark
> Spencer has produced some great experiments and materials.
> The Fox-1 attitude determination experiment, and now the Fox-2 MPPT system
> have both been presented in the AMSAT Journal.
> If you aren't a member of AMSAT you are missing some great stuff in the
> Journal.
> But in this research and work for the Fox-2 MPPT system I believe that
> Mark may have inadvertently answered an age old question that has (to my
> knowledge) never been definitively been answered before. A question as old
> as the icebox itself.
> In the MPPT article figure 3, Mark presents a measure of voltage and power
> in three environments: a room (presumably in his home), the refrigerator
> compartment of his refrigerator, and the freezer compartment of his
> refrigerator.
> The measured power is higher in the refrigerator and even higher in the
> freezer.
> I believe that Mark has finally proven that the light in the refrigerator
> Otherwise, how could there have been any power output in the refrigerator
> or freezer at all?  A solar panel requires light to work.
> Thank you, Mark!  I can now share with my mother (poor Pop isn't around to
> enjoy this discovery although he first posed the question to me 50+ years
> ago) that I KNOW.
> And keep up the good work that you are doing for the ARRL Education and
> Technology Program too.!
> 73
> Jerry
> N0JY
> (The above was for fun and in no way meant to diminish Mark's work.)
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