[amsat-bb] Re: [Part-L] CUSat and Falcon 9 R/B (2nd Stage) Los Angeles Sunday Evening Pass

Bryce Salmi bstguitarist at gmail.com
Tue Oct 15 09:29:41 PDT 2013

Thanks to the Jan, PE0SAT <http://www.pe0sat.vgnet.nl/>, for pointing out
that AAUSAT3 has a CW beacon on 437.425MHZ and was directly north during
the pass of CUSat Sunday night. I went back in time on my satellite
tracking program (Linux) and sure enough the cubesat launched in February
pumping out 1W CW was there! As you can see in the lower left “radar”
display, AAUSAT3 and CUSat were close enough for my handheld antenna to
easily pick both up.

AAUSAT3 Radio Information


Correct CW Decoding of Sunday’s Pass:

OZ3CUB B7.4 T34 (EOM)

 Which meant that the battery voltage was 7.4V and temperature was 34C.
Simple but fun!

*GPredict Pass Screenshot:*


Bryce Salmi


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