[amsat-bb] Re: [wsjtgroup] Help with using a SignaLink with WSJT

Dave WØDHB dave at w0dhb.net
Mon Oct 14 15:50:17 PDT 2013

With WSJT, you may need to reset your audio input and output device(s) in WSJT because they can take on different device #'s  if you reboot the computer or unplug USB connection on the signallink and plug it in again.
Not sure if that's your issue.  

I check each time I start up WSJT

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Hi Dave, Having the same problem here. I did have the rx working a few days ago as I was able to adjust the rx db setting. Now, nothing works and the sound mixer is not seeing the program.


Wonder if baud speed has anything to do with it. I’m running 57.6 for my HRD setup. Does WSJT need a slower rate?


Also, in SpecJT, if I attempt to bring up ‘rx volume control’, I get a message : WSJT cannot access mixer input control on this platform. Please invoke system mixer directly.”  (running win7)


I’m running v9.5. Maybe I should go back to 9.0. I used to have it running on that version







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Hello to the yahoo WSJT group,

I am having trouble getting my new SignaLink to work with my WSJT program. I had been running WSJT on my Icom 756 Pro2 with the sound card in my PC but now have a new SignaLink with the UBS connection and with its built in sound card. My program is not "seeing" the SignaLink; no receive. The setup program looks like it is calling for input and output to change to 2 from what I was using. I tried changing it but still no go.

Any suggestions?




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