[amsat-bb] Fw: [DXMAPS] DXMAPS 2.6 now supports AIS

i8cvs domenico.i8cvs at tin.it
Mon Oct 14 02:09:03 PDT 2013

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Subject: Re: [DXMAPS] DXMAPS 2.6 now supports AIS


Why are you sending me other peoples posts when I supposedly un subscribed to DXMAPS A while ago? 
                Rob K2WRD 

Hi Rob, K2WRD

I have the same problem receiving a lot of spam from DXMAPS without any my request. To day I have unsubscribed but I don't know if this will be succesfull or not.

What you suggest to do to solve the problem ?

I suppose that many others AMSAT-BB users are receiving daily the same spam messages from DXMAPS

Thanks for any suggestion 

73" de i8CVS Domenico

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