[amsat-bb] Stacking LEO and Terrestial antennas

Dean Maluski dean at n1ety.com
Fri Oct 4 05:31:08 PDT 2013

I have a pair of antennas, 440 and 2 meter LEO typical setup with G-5500
rotor and fiberglass horizontal boom.
It is mounted about 18 inches above top of tower on vertical mast.
I can probably push it up another 1.5 feet before having to add on to
vertical mast.

I would like to also hang a Cushcraft A3S a couple inches above top of
tower on mast.
I think the back of 2 meter antenna is about 5~6 feet that rotates
downward when chasing LEO's.

The reflector on A3S dimension is 7 feet horizontally from mast.
I'm wondering if anyone has a setup similar to this and if there are is
a negative impact of antenna proximity?

I haven't bought the A3S yet. Want to be fairly comfortable this will
work OK before I make the investment in the A3S HF Yagi.

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