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Subject: [amsat-bb] Crushcraft A144-10T "VHF Twist" Antenna

> I just acquired a "new" in the-box, never assembled Crushcraft A144-10T 
> "VHF Twist" antenna. It includes the cabling to allow the user to select 
> left or right hand polarization. My questions are numerous:
> 1.) How is the performance on this antenna, compared to more modern 
> designs?

Hi Les,N1LF from Domenico, i8CVS

1) I have used the A144-10T since 1973 and compared to modern
    type it works no so well because the phasing harness to switch
    polarizations uses crimped PL connectors and you get water and
    humidity into it.
> 2.) If I were going to install it inside my attic, should I chose left 
> or right hand polarization?

2) To switch between RHCP and LHCP you must screw and unscrew
    by hand the phasing harness connectors and since the antenna is not
    equipped with a polarization switching relay you have not the time
    to switch polarization while operating the satellite.
> 3.) Any caveats or things to watch out for?
3)  Do not use the above Cushcraft A144-20 T for the above reason.
     Buy a modern model of crossed yagi with polarization switching
     relay between RHCP to LHCP possibly from 2M  

> Any information that could be provided would be great. I was thrilled 
> when a friend stopped by and asked me if I'd be interested in the 
> antenna. Good price too.
I understand a good price because it is a old model of antenna 
wich designe is almost back 30 yars ago. BTW the aluminum is
a good quality and witstand on the environment for many years. 

> --
> 73,
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73" de i8CVS Domenico

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