[amsat-bb] Re: Amazing New HAMSAT - AO-73!

Andy MacAllister w5acm at swbell.net
Sun Nov 24 21:24:34 PST 2013

Hi Dom!

Of course it is impossible to compare HEO with LEO, but I am still very 
impressed with the signals I heard via AO-73 tonight. I could not have 
achieved DXCC from Houston without HEO HAMSATS. At least for now I am happy 
that we have a new linear transponder in the sky that work so well!

On the next pass I worked AA5PK, K4FEG, W5AOO and WB0KFC.

It will be a long time before our next HAMSAT QSO Dom...

Until then, we will do what we can with what we have!

73 de Andy W5ACM

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> Subject: [amsat-bb] Amazing New HAMSAT - AO-73!
>> Very FB QSOs with NX9B and K8YSE on AO-73 just a few minutes ago.
>> 15 deg max elevation pass here in Houston...
>> LOTS of activity on the new satellite!
>> 73 de Andy W5ACM
> Hi Andy, W5ACM
> Compare please the actual satellite activity  against how much better
> was the epoch 1982 in wich you and many af us partecipated to your
> "ZRO TEST" at low squint angle for hours through OSCAR-10 and
> OSCAR 13
> My heart bleeds at seeing many satellite old timers suffer so remembering 
> !
> 73" de i8CVS Domenico
> Member of the ZRO TEST "Z9" CLUB Nr 18
> ZRO Memorial Station Engineering Award Z8 Mode B
> and Z8 Mode L endorsements

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