[amsat-bb] sat equip sale

Jeff KB2M kb2m at comcast.net
Sun Nov 24 10:45:30 PST 2013

First I would like to say thanks for all the replies about my move, and sale
of equipment. What a great group on this SIG. I did make it down here to my
shore home  today to try and work AO-73, by the time I got here I could just
make the last pass of the day. Unfortunately it was a .6 degree pass that
lasted about 2 minutes. So no joy. I did get everything configured in
SatPC32 and will be ready next time I make it down here.

I also want to thank everyone for their concerns, but this is a happy time
in my life, I recently re-married and we're planning to move to Florida. I'm
looking for a home near the beach, but still antenna friendly, this is
proving to be difficult . Just in case,  I'm going to keep the Cushcraft
AOP's, and the 9100. I see the satellite aspect of this  hobby  getting
better . 

 When I get back home tonite I will update the for sale list and send it out
to all who requested it.


73 Jeff kb2m


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