[amsat-bb] Re: AO-73 sat station for sale

Jeff Griffin kb2m at comcast.net
Sun Nov 24 06:35:53 PST 2013

You guys are killing me with all of this. I'm currently without a proper Satellite station. My main satellite station is on a property that I'm not currently living at and is now for sale. I will be living in an antenna restricted neighborhood in Florida when all is said and done. As a consequence of this I have a turnkey antenna satellite system for sale.
 This antenna system is built on a 8' by 8' platform 4' tall. This platform is made of treated lumber, and is bolted together and can be easily dissembled and moved. The antennas are the large KLM's for 2 and .7m, a 2.4 gig rx, and a Direct Systems 1296 55L looped yagi. I have a complete polarity control system for the KLM's, and a spare set of the polarity control boards that mount on the antennas. Also included is several preamps for 2m 70cm(both Kuhne), a 2.4gig, and a Yaesu 5500 rotor. I will throw in some coax and hardline to complete the system. Anyone interested in the package please contact me off list. I have plenty of other stuff for sale also, email me and I will send you the 20 something page list.
 I have already sold my 817 pair, and my 847. I still have an Icom 9100 I might sell, but not sure. I still have an unopened in the box Cushcraft AOP-1 antenna system I might keep the 9100 and use with, but the big KLM's have to go as I just don't have the real estate to use them on anymore :-(

73 Jeff kb2m     

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