[amsat-bb] Re: Too Many Sats?AMSAT-BB Digest, Vol 8, Issue 416

Clint Bradford clintbrad4d at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 23 20:42:45 PST 2013

>> ... too many ... what to do??? ...

First, know what you want to work and are capable of working. Of the 64 or so birds deployed last week, 
only a relative handful are ham radio-related.

There is plenty of opportunity to "hone" your tracking talents - with some of the birds that send 
telemetry. Even if you cannot decode the info, it is fun to be able to track it! And if you do have 
decoding software that some sites provide, all the better: Your reception reports and received 
data can help the control teams!

The Triton will be turned to a U/V crossband machine after its 90-day project is completed. Watch 
AMSAT-NA for details and freqs.

I am excited. Although I am not set up to decode the data from most of the new birds, I will at least 
have SEVERAL MORE PASSES A WEEK to be able to show off to others - to pique curiosity!

Yes, 64 sats all in a week can lead to info overload. Just look at the ham sats, and see if their modes 
are workable for you. It is a very exciting time for amateur radio satellite monitors!

One thing that these launches do for many is get you to know how to upload Keplerian data from 
sources other than the "east, pre-programmed" sources for your apps and software! It makes us learn 
how to import a plain textfile of these new two-line elements ... (grin)

Clint K6LCS

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