[amsat-bb] Are you ready for the new satellites?

PA3GUO pa3guo at amsat.org
Tue Nov 19 11:38:03 PST 2013

With a lot of upcoming launches: Are you ready ?

Myself, I just installed SDR-Radio.com, from http://www.sdr-radio.com/
Works excellent (so far) with my 'old' FunCube Dongle. SDR-radio.com is free
for the FCD.

This SDR SW is running here on a 10 year old Windows XP PC (cool: this SDR
SW does not hog down the PC!).

For simplicity reasons I always use the HO-68 CW beacon (435.790MHz) for
validation of my system: antenna tracking, SNR of the downlink signal,
doppler correction etc. When either the antenna/pre-amp/receiver/kepler
set/computer time/.. is not correct you immediately notice this test to

SDR-radio.com provides perfect dopler compensation: the entire pass of HO-68
I did not hear a single shift in frequency (with an extremely narrow
software CW filter). 

The set-up: 435MHz antenna = 16 element DK7ZB, horizontal polarization
(only). Plus an SSB pre-amp. For 144MHz I will use a 2x6 element DK7ZB (also
with an SSB pre-amp). Antenna tracking is my 18 year old home-build
microprocessor system that controls the Kenpro rotators: the KR400 and
KR500. Not sure if I will use the SDR set-up (wider rx spectrum, can record
and analyze later) or the ('good old trusted') Kenwood TS2000. Trusted as
in: less configuration options (compared to SDR), so less errors I can make
(read: the trust statement reflects on the operator (me), not the equipment
of choice). 

Anyway: I am very interested to learn about your plans, are you ready for
the new sat's:
- receiver (hardware of software) ?
- antenna (directional or not during the first passes)?
- good/bad/funny experiences you want to share?
- ..

Looking forward to hear from many stations sharing their plans here on the

Henk, PA3GUO,
The Netherlands

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