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Burns Fisher burns at fisher.cc
Tue Nov 12 12:49:49 PST 2013

Hi Keith,

Just so you know, HEO is probably the most contentious issue around (next
to FM vs Linear).  I think it is fair to say that EVERYONE would love to
have an HEO bird, but it's hard-to-impossible to find a launch for free or
cheap.  As Domenico said, the German AMSAT (AMSAT-DL) has an HEO bird ready
to fly, but they are still looking for launch opportunities, and have been
for a while now.  AMSAT-NA is currently focusing on LEO cubesats (and we
already have commitments for two launches).  The first launches will be FM
satellites.  The future may hold software defined radios which we could
program for any modulation type.

About rotators etc:  It depends.  Some satellites (generally FM) are
available from some handhelds with just a whip, but that is kind of iffy.
Much better to have a handheld antenna with some gain, which is what I
think Domenico was aluding to.  I'm a fan of baby steps.  First try to
listen with an HT (handheld).  Maybe you can transmit to the satellite,
maybe not, since FM only allows a single user at a time.  Then try a
handheld satellite antenna (Eagle for example...look in the AMSAT store).
If you already have a fixed base station, try it with an omni (e.g. an
eggbeater or something).  You might spend your money on a pre-amp next
before a rotator.

The short answer probably is that a nice directional antenna on a rotator
with a good preamp is probably best if your goal is to talk via satellite
and get the strongest signal for the longest time.  But starting small, you
learn a lot.  Using a handheld is kind of cool because you can think to
yourself "I'm pointing this thing at a satellite...there is NOTHING between
me and this cool piece of machinery in space".

BTW, I can say all this, but I have to admit that I have not yet been
terribly successful transmitting.  I can receive very well...even SO50 (1/4
watt) comes in reasonably well on my HT with a rubber ducky and no preamp
(when it is high in the sky).  But I think I only just managed get into
SO-50 pretty recently.  I think my problem is 1) Omni antenna, not beam and
2) Not a terribly good location.

Hope this helps...

Burns, W2BFJ

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> Hi Keith
> Only God know if and when a HEO Amateur Satellite will be placed in orbit
> by
> AMSAT-DL is working around P3E wich is a satellite similar to OSCAR-13
> using all modes from the VHF to Microwave but there are no money sufficient
> to pay for the launch at the moment.
> About to work the actual operational satellites  the extra expences of
> buying a rotator /elevator is recommended while starting the activity you
> can use a more simple low cost yagi antenna for 2 m and 70 cm manually
> aimed toward the satellite.
> 73" de
> i8CVS Domenico
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> > Hi,
> >
> > Two Questions from a newbie;
> >
> > I'm interested to know if there are any plans to put a H.E.O. amateur
> satellite into orbit in the near future, and if so does anyone have an idea
> as to what mode it would be likely to work in?
> >
> > And, (second question) as I'm in the process of setting up a station
> (pretty much from scratch) for the purpose of working satellites I'm
> wondering if it's considered worth the extra expense of buying a rotator
> /elevator or just a rotator.
> >
> > All knowledgeable opinions would be appreciated.
> >
> > Keith.

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