[amsat-bb] wanted: to borrow or buy a Yaesu G-5500 AZ-EL controller and rotor

David Bern W2LNX W2LNX at aol.com
Fri May 31 07:50:55 PDT 2013


I am working on a summer project with students at Montgomery College, 
Rockville.  The project is to design and build a device that controls a 
pair of inexpensive satellite TV rotors.  And the device would emulate a 
popular AZ-EL rotor such as a Yaesu G-5500 AZ-EL controller so it can be 
used by a satellite tracking program such as SatPC32.  Tom, K3IO 
suggested this project at the last AMSAT-DC workshop and is guiding us 
with this project.

I would like to borrow a Yaesu G-5500 AZ-EL controller and rotor for 
about three months or buy a used one so we can study and understand its 
command protocol.

I will pick up or pay for shipping.  Please contact David, W2LNX 
directly at

    W2LNX at amsat.org

Thank you,
David, W2LNX

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