[amsat-bb] Circular Polarization with Two Yagis (Spacing)

Mike Sprenger mikesprenger at gmail.com
Thu May 30 17:51:27 PDT 2013


I'm sure this has been covered, I just can't find some detail.

I'd like to consider taking a pair of say 3, 5, or even 11 element 2M
yagi's (off the shelf) and put them on a boom on either side of a rotor,
with nonconductive cross support boom, rotating the boom's to offset the
elements 90 degrees.

Question I have, what would the spacing be between the two yagi's ?

Jerry has done this with success on 2 meters:


It would be great to refine his good work with the spacing for the 2 booms.

(Then I may compare with putting all the elements on one boom)

 I like the collaborative nature of the discussion here.


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