[amsat-bb] Kinetics experiment using HO-68 beacon

Hector Luis HLMS. Martinez Sis hmartinez at ucf.edu.cu
Mon May 27 14:10:53 PDT 2013

Hello to all!

Tomorrow morning, I will support a Physics class at my University (UCF). We will be using Doppler measurements on the HO-68 beacon to calculate satellite velocity and from that result, we will calculate orbit altitude. 

We know that there will be a potential source of error as we are not stationary but anyway we hope to get a reasonable approximation of satellite velocity and altitude.

We will be running the Fun Cube Dongle with SDR Console V2.0 and ELK antenna. SDR Console allows remote network connection, so I will be tracking the satellite from a tall building but students and teachers will be able to see the experiment and collect data from the laboratory.

FO-29 will be in range just after the 1510z HO-68 pass. I will switch frequencies and will try QRPp running just 3W to avoid desense in the Dongle. If you hear me, please give me a shout with your name, city, state etc.  Students and teachers will be still listening.

I have made some Demos before for them, so they are familiarized with Ham radio and satellites.

Hector, CO6CBF

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