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John Spasojevich johnag9d at gmail.com
Mon May 27 11:50:46 PDT 2013


Everyone has given good information.  Let me add a couple of other
suggestions specifically about ISS.  We are using the Erickson radio (
basically an HT) in the Columbus Module. This is due to a fault with the
Kenwood D-700.  Maximum output on the Erickson is 5 watts. The radio is
also used for ARISS school contacts in FM voice. The crew instructions for
each contact give instructions to reset from voice to packet after each
school contact. However there are activities aboard which require the ham
station to be powered down from time to time so there are times it may not
be active.

We are finding with the reduced output power of the Erickson and the
placement of the antennas on ISS that results will vary with ascending
versus descending passes as well as whether the station passes to the east
or west of your location, which means your signal will be going through the
superstructure or unobstructed to/from the antennas.

For the voice contacts we've always recommended a pre-amp at the antenna,
even more so now, but I'm not sure how packet has been effected if at all
with the change in radios.

Anyway, it sounds like you are having fun. Keep it up!

John - AG9D
ARISS Operations Team

On Mon, May 27, 2013 at 10:10 AM, Les Rayburn <les at highnoonfilm.com> wrote:

> I ran a Google search this morning, and there is still no known cure for
> "operator error". So I resort to searching
> for more medicine on the list until a cure can be found. Please give
> generously until a cure can be found. :-)
> Been on satellites for about five weeks now, and have managed to work a
> few contacts through SO-50, FO-29, AO-7,
> and VO-52. Have copied CW beacons from other birds including a few of the
> small Cubesats. The system
> seems to be working well.
> Some bugs had to be worked out along the way, including adjusting Doppler
> correction on SATPC32,
> fixing an audio distortion problem, and desense in Mode J.
> But despite my best efforts, I've yet to hear a single peep out of the
> International Space Station. Not just in voice modes,
> mind you, but I can't seem to find the digipeater signals, or anything
> else. I'm clearly doing something wrong.
> So, here are my questions:
> 1.) My IC-910H is controlled by SATPC32 in "satellite mode". Simple
> enough. But when I make the ISS the "active satellite" it stays in V/U
> mode, and won't easily let me go into simplex mode to work the ISS voice
> circuits or FM repeater.
> Is there a fix for this? How do other IC-910H owners deal with this issue?
> 2.) What frequency should I be looking for the packet signals on?
> I don't have a TNC, but do have a Rigblaster USB Advantage sound card
> interface. I know it's possible to use this to monitor (and possibly
> transmit signals to the ISS) Is there a link to a web site explaining how
> to configure the software, etc. for beginners?
> 3.) How often is the ISS in FM repeater mode? Not often, I'm guessing.
> Anyone know why?
> 4.) Any other tips on working the ISS? It would be quite a thrill for me!
> Please pardon the newbie questions. This list is great, and I really
> appreciate the help.
> We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming for smart,
> capable operators, already in
> progress.
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> 73,
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