[amsat-bb] Re: HRD 6.0 and Satellite Tracker

Les Rayburn les at highnoonfilm.com
Thu May 23 19:45:47 PDT 2013

Thanks to Dave, and many others who contacted me about the use of 
Satellite Tracker in HRD 6.0.
It was exactly the kind of input that I was hoping for.

A couple of other questions:

1.) I've noticed that Nova for Windows and SAT32PC display slightly 
different data regarding AOS, LOS, Azimuth and Elevation for a given 
satellite. This seems strange to me
since they're using the same KEP data, share the same PC clock which is 
synced every 12 hours, etc.

Anyone else notice these small differences? None of them have much 
effect on actual operation which is governed by the beamwidth of the 
antennas (pretty broad), objects
blocking the horizon, etc. but it does make me curious.


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On 5/23/2013 4:20 PM, Dave WØDHB wrote:
> Les
> I'm using HRD 6.0 SAT Tracker/HRD Rotator as well as SATPC32, predominately
> HRD SAT Tracker.
> In fact, I was using SAT Tracker when you and I QSO'd  5/20  on SO-50 .
> I use them in conjunction with my Flex 5000A  / EA4TX rotator controller/
> G5500 rotator.
> I am only using SAT Tracker and SATPC32 for TX/RX Doppler control as neither
> product has adequate support for other Flex 5000 Rig control functions IMHO
> .
> I have written software which intercepts CAT commands coming from either
> program and I only pass on doppler tuning info through to the Rig.
> The same software allows me to do other required Rig control functions:
> 	-TX
> 	-TX/RX calibration for transponder satellites
> 	-RIT
> 	-Transmit power adjust
> 	-Satellite specific controls-TX/RX mode, tones, reset SO-50 timer,
> etc.
> I also have provided support for my TS-2000 and IC-9100 in the software.
> My preference for SAT Tracker is primarily because I like the user interface
> better.
> Some caveats on using HRD 6.0 SAT Tracker/HRD Rotator natively with any
> supported rig:
> HRD Rotator does not play nicely with Rotators with a south stop
> (Yaesu-5400), you can make it work, but software azimuth readout is 180 deg
> off
> HRD SAT Tracker does not support transponders of the "Non-inverting type"
> (like AO-7 mode A)
> Dave W0DHB

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