[amsat-bb] Re: Question about HamTV

Raydel Abreu Espinet cm2esp at frcuba.co.cu
Tue May 21 11:33:34 PDT 2013

OK, I see,

Well, it would be out of my reach.

Thanks for the info Graham!!!



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Asunto: Re: [amsat-bb] Question about HamTV

Hi Raydel,

I stand to be corrected but a these dongles are specified for DVB-T so I 
dont think they would work for signals using DVB-S modulation.

The signals from the ISS will be at 1.3Msps or 2.0Msps - I believe that only 
the Technotrend T1600 and T3200 cards have, so far, been identified as being 
suitable for these very low symbol rates 

It is anticipated that more detailed info for potential ground stations will 
be made available quite soon.



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