[amsat-bb] Trouble found, help no longer required

Robert C. Campbell kb3pmr at gmail.com
Sun May 19 11:21:10 PDT 2013

I spent the morning replacing the cable from the G-5500 up the mast and
that was probably a good thing but it did not solve the problem. After
pulling the G-5500 and GS-232b out of the computer rack I found the blue
wire that is in the AZ connector, a part of the factory harness that goes
to the G-5500 had never been crimped to the pin insert. Only the wire
insulation was crimped where it should have been and finally gave way.
Pulled the connector out of the connector body and installed it properly
and then reinstalled it. The system is working better then ever and no
more intermittent rotor to SatPC32 communications problems. I am now
working on my celebratory bean and spinach soup that my wife made for lunch
that was ready 2 hours ago. Long story short, I have read some of the
threads recently posted regarding SatPc......and recommend not counting it
out until all options are checked. I would not speak to this if I had not
experienced this myself.



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