[amsat-bb] Help call for a Yeasu GS-232B

Robert C. Campbell kb3pmr at gmail.com
Sat May 18 16:38:42 PDT 2013

Today while working the sats with Satpc32 the G-5500 would rotate east to
west but not return with a call from PSTrotator.
It seemed to get progressively worse and I would have to return the rotator
to east manualy using the manual box. I checked for broken wires from the
rotator to the manual box and everything wrings out fine. The rotator works
fine in manual mode...push the switches for az/el and the rotator turns and
returns the proper position indication on the needles. By the end of the
day the GS-232 is not communicating with the G-5500 at all and will not
command or return a rotator position to the computer via satPC32. My
thoughts are...the serial board in the dell laptop, bad serial cable, or
bad GS-232. Baud rates, com. ports and general set up for SatPC32
remain unchanged and have worked for the last 3 plus years. I can afford
and new serial cable. Thoughts welcome here or contact me off page at
kb3pmr at gmail.com


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