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This looks very interesting, wondering if it would be possible to tweak the tuners in DVB-S reveivers so no conversion would be needed?

>From http://amsat-uk.org/ :-
It is planned to transmit DVB-S signals on 2.4GHz at either 1.3Msps or 2.3Msps with 10 watts of RF from the ISS Columbus module.
The IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination Panel have announced frequencies of 2422.0 MHz and 2437.0 MHz.
Most of these receivers use 'L-Band' and can do 950Mhz to around 2Ghz - would be great if we could tweak this, or perhaps inject the 2.4ghz signal after the internal tuning stage, with a bit of buffering /amplification ?? :)

Looking at this:-

or this:-

- Just as a quick search - it looks like  we could use these type of devices for 'decoding' the DVB stream, rather than going for the physical 'lump' and extra expense of a set-top box.


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--- On Mon, 13/5/13, Greg Dolkas <ko6th.greg at gmail.com> wrote:
> Is there something about the DVB-S modulation that makes it
> astoundingly better for this application?? For
> something that is intended to be widely received, they sure
> are making it difficult...
DVB-S receivers are in use in hundreds of millions of homes around the world. Apart from DVB-S2, which is not yet so widespread, I'm not aware of any other standard that would deliver better performance in a 2 MHz bandwidth.
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