[amsat-bb] Re: ISS HamTV Frequencies

I0ELE emanuele.dandria at amsat.it
Sun May 12 14:30:23 PDT 2013

You can find the nominal link budget on 
http://www.amsat.it/HAMTV_Link-budget-IARU.pdf and all the relevant 
information http://www.amsat.it/Amsat-Italia_HamTV_brochure.pdf.

  * Recommended Antenna gain > 25 dB
  * RHCP
  * Low noise down converter i.e. Kuhne LNC 25 or LNC 25 TM NF 0.7 dB
  * Any DVB-S  Decoder which can decode a 1.3 MSym/s TV signal

73, Emanuele, I0ELE
President AMSAT Italia

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