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Mike Rupprecht mail at mike-rupprecht.de
Sun May 12 12:16:12 PDT 2013


Hi All, I didn't really know who to contact, so I emailed you all, sorry for
the spam.

I'd like to officially inform the Amsat and IARU communities (though you
surely know this already), that we are now sure CubeBug-1 is object 13018D /

In the last days NORAD has officially assigned the name "CUBEBUG 1" to
object 39153.

Doppler shift analysis made by many members of the amateur community (via
private communications) agree with this too. For example see

Finally, our own analysis, and that of the launch services broker
(ISIS/ISL), based on insertion forces, masses and other physical
characteristics, agrees with this assignment.

So we wanted to inform the community that we now officially assume the
CubeBug-1 is object 13018D/39153 and that the frequency of the radio has
shifted, for some yet unknown reason. We now assume the satellite transmits
(and receives) at 437438300Hz. This again is mainly based in the experience
of the members of the amateur radio enthusiasts.

And finally, but most important, we also wanted to thank the whole radio
amateur community, so please forward them our most warm thank you. I tried
to put what I feel in words a few days ago:

	thank you very much all for being there,
	gera for the CubeBug-1 team.

PS: Please, forward this email to who you think may be interested, thank

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