[amsat-bb] AO7 Eclipse's

K4FEG K4FEG at k4feg.com
Sat May 11 06:04:11 PDT 2013

Hello Everyone,

I have taken the information from Ib, OZ1MY and plugged it into SatPC32 
and starting on May 21, 2013 at approximately 1346UTC, AO7 will start 
going into brief eclipse periods as it approaches the coast of 
Antarctica. Based on my observations these eclipses will increase in 
duration until they reach a peak around the Summer equinox and then they 
will start to taper off until the last eclipse occurs at approximately 
0245UTC on August 2, 2013.

If the past is any indication of future events, this could mean erratic 
behavior from AO7. Last year for an extended period of time, AO7 was 
coming up in Mode B every day. I do not know of any rhyme or reason to 
which mode it may come up in but I plan to monitor AO7 close this year 
to see if we have another extended "Mode B" period.

I will try to keep the StarCom BB up to date on the status of AO7 during 
this time. I would suppose the worst case scenario would be if we had an 
extended "Mode A" condition.

The dates are 05/21/2013 until 08/02/2013 the eclipse's start at 15 to 
20 second periods up to about 3 minutes in duration at their peak. I am 
not sure how much total loss of sunlight is required cause the satellite 
to start acting differently, I know the batteries are totally gone but I 
do not know if there is any type capacitive storage that may retain a 
voltage in critical systems on the satellite. If anyone has any 
information on that I would be interested.

That is my AO7 status report for now! Stay Tuned!

73 All FRM;

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