[amsat-bb] EME at 2400 MHz

M5AKA m5aka at yahoo.co.uk
Wed May 8 06:30:40 PDT 2013

The loss of 2300-2400 MHz in a number of counties is resulting in the investigation of the use of 2400 MHz, see IARU Region 1 paper VIE13_C5_27 New Narrow‐Band working frequencies in the 2300 – 2450 MHz band

As I understand it Japan has always been restricted to 2400-2450 MHz with an EME allocation at 2424 MHz. The 432 and Above EME newsletter reports that WiFi is making this unusable and that JARL is now looking at the use of 2400 MHz instead. 

The newsletter says:

"As discussed in past NLs, our 13 cm allocations, no matter where we are located, will be difficult to maintain and are subject to attack by commercial interests. Mike (JH1KRC) writes that the JARL frequency board would like to renew their band plan (the JARL plan for the legal frequency allocation), and has requested public opinion on a frequency change. Specifically it is the JA 13 cm EME band that is being considered for relocation. It appears that the present JA 2424 EME band may be totally covered in the near future by WiFi/wireless LAN services worldwide. Thus, JA EMEers are considering having their EME 13 cm frequency allocation moved to 2400. They would like to hear from you on the interference present at your location on the present (2424) band and the new (2400) proposed band. Are these bands clean or jammed?  Please send this and any other related information to Mike email: jh1krc[at]syd.odn.ne.jp by the last week of May, 2013."

73 Trevor M5AKA

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