[amsat-bb] SATPC32 plays nicely now

James Luhn luhn at wt.net
Fri May 3 08:46:59 PDT 2013

As suggested by several here on the AMSAT mailing list, I removed the 
USB adapter in my LVB Tracker and inserted a MAX232 chip into the 
appropriate socket.  I am using a Utek UT-880 USB to serial adapter with 
a Panasonic Toughbook CF-29 running XP Professional. It appears that 
everything is working now with no lockup failures. Before these changes, 
I simply could not track a complete satellite pass without the program 
stopping.   I have been tracking the moon for hours with no problems 
noted.   Now to test this arrangement with my Mac!  Before making this 
change, MacDoppler worked perfectly.  I hope it will continue.  My next 
step is to fine tune the control of my IC-910 using SATPC32.

As they say, "I was all dressed up with no place to go" late last night 
on FO-29.  My LVB Tracker was working great with SATPC32,  I had my 
IC-910 running about 20 watts, I could hear myself 59 on the downlink, 
there simply was no one on. Oh well, there will be many more orbits in 
which to play.

......getting more and more excited about Dayton!!!!

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