[amsat-bb] KiwiSAT at the Technology Convention (Auckland, 2013)

Jim Tittsler ZL2IA at OnNZ.net
Sun Mar 31 03:07:20 PDT 2013

At the Technology Convention hosted by the Auckland VHF Group this
weekend, we had a chance to see KiwiSAT in operation.  Fred ZL1BYP and
Ian ZL1AOX arranged to bring the satellite in its "clean cabinet" to the
convention so that the audience would have a chance (hopefully, a first
and last chance) to see it.  Ian had brought along his station (and
dummy loads) and demonstrated commanding the satellite and collecting
telemetry across the room.

I thought it was pretty exciting that they would go to the amazing
effort (and risk, gulp :-) of bringing the satellite and its support
equipment to the convention so that the rest of us could see it.

The satellite is on the air from a well elevated site just south of
Auckland... so hams in the area can try listening for it or even working
through it during its final tests.

  Photo album:  http://goo.gl/hY3Yi
  KiwiSAT:  http://www.KiwiSAT.org.nz/

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