[amsat-bb] CQ DX on FO-29

Hector, CO6CBF co6cbf at frcuba.co.cu
Wed Mar 27 20:53:56 PDT 2013

Hello to all,


FO-29 is getting close to apogee and has a big footprint around the 1400z
passes. Please, if you are into the footprint with EL92sd and want to try a
contact, just drop me an off list email.  I will be happy to try a contact
with you! 


I can operate portable from a tall building where I can work FO-29 until LOS
and sometimes below the horizon. 


Cubans cannot operate on AO-7 mode B due to a 432MHz restriction in our
country, so we have only a few chances every five months to try distant
contacts on Sat.


Please, if you know about someone who want to try but doesn't read AMSAT-BB,
I will appreciate the information.


Thanks & 73!


Hector, CO6CBF






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