[amsat-bb] Upcoming things of interest, some information.

Robert McGwier rwmcgwier at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 05:47:27 PDT 2013

Hello AMSAT friends:

Some of you that know me, know I have moved to Virginia Tech.  I am in my
second school year here, working harder than I ever have, and loving it.
 I've started a company with friends Joe Mitola (revered by many as the
father of Software Radio and Cognitive Radio),  Charles Clancy (director of
my center where I am director of research), Jeff Reed (Wireless @ VT) and
we are working on products to help wireless communications systems perform
better (4G -> 5G).  Virginia Tech encourages this kind of spinoff and has
built growing set of tools to help....  It does help to actually be here to
get the win!

So I am announcing my center is growing very rapidly.  We are looking for
engineers, scientists, mathematicians, computer scientists, and project
managers to help our rapidly expanding research portfolio.  Please take a
look at the listings:


I am just about to take control of a 3U Cubesat from the USG government
agency, NRO.  It is a colony 1 bus.  It will look like a Colony 1 when
launched, but the insides will undergo transformation.  As some of you may
have seen, we have signed an MOU with AMSAT to do joint work and when this
arrives, we will discuss doing this joint work.

We are exploring other, sooner projects now and hope we are successful in
find ways to work together...  I have a great team of budding spacecraft
building participants and an active member in Space at VT:


and the AMSAT announcement (which we used for our announcement for
cooperation with Space at VT)


In Space @ VT we are working on a 1U and a 6U for a NASA Elana and hope to
use the Colony for our 3U opportunity with students here and at the USNA.
It is very exciting to be involved in all of this..

I'm also a member of the Wireless Center here; Wireless @ VT and we run a
conference here at the end of the school year:


This year we are delighted to announcement that all my rowdy friends are
coming over tonight....

GnuRadio Hackfest will be hosted by the Hume Center (my center) immediately
following the Wireless Symposium.

Bob McGwier
Owner and Technical Director, Allied Communication, LLC
Senior Member IEEE
Facebook: N4HYBob
Faculty Advisor Virginia Tech Amateur Radio Assn. (K4KDJ)

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