[amsat-bb] Anyone know a way to get a small qty. of MAR-6 or MAR-7 devices?

Michael Mat_62 at charter.net
Fri Mar 15 20:46:34 PDT 2013

I was going to try and roll my own version of the preamp circuit shown 
in the AMSAT store. I wish I had a spare 50 bucks to just buy one 
because I know it would go to help FOX but my money is extremely tight 
right now. Unfortunately when I go to the mini circuits site, I find 
that their minimum order is twenty and I'd be spending close to 25 or 30 
bucks anyway. At that point, I would be better off buying the prebuilt 
amp if I could afford it! I'm trying to get back ito sats on a budget. I 
have a DVB-T stick and an omnidirectional scanner antenna that I'm 
experimenting with as a poor mans RX solution.  I've been able to 
definitely hear transmissions but not make out anything legible from 
V0-52 and I've had no luck hearing S0-50 at all. Considering that I have 
about a  30 foot run of RG-6 quad shield from the antenna to the shack, 
I imagine that a preamp at the antenna would help and give me a definite 
yes or no if my RX experiment is even feasible. I am using SDR# right 
now because I find it easier but my eventual plan is to try and use  
HDSDR with the doppler being controlled by SatPC-32.  I could go cheap 
handhelds and may eventually when I can afford them but given that I 
like to operate from my shack and not outdoors with handheld beams, I'll 
still need the preamp.
Michael, W4HIJ

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