[amsat-bb] Re: Satellite hit by debris from weapon test

Gus 8p6sm at anjo.com
Mon Mar 11 23:03:12 PDT 2013

I've got no problem with Trevor's posts.  I would prefer they continue 
rather than stop.

But for those who AREN'T interested, perhaps Trevor could add some 
easily recognizable mark to the news posts, to make it easier to filter 
them out while not blocking his other posts?  Like adding FYI:: to the 
subject or something?

If Trevor decides to do something like that to accommodate those who 
don't want the news, they should consider that he is paying them a 
courtesy.  If it were me, I sure wouldn't bother.

73, de Gus 8P6SM
Barbados, the easternmost isle.

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