[amsat-bb] Alternate web site for pass predictions

Dobarrows dobarrows at aol.com
Thu Mar 7 16:13:11 PST 2013

I too found the pass prediction page was missing from the amsat web site.  I did find
www.heavens-above.com provides the ability to predict passes, although it is a little complicated.
I registered with a userid and password so the site would remember the location info and
time zone when I returned to heavens-above.

I found that the predictions generated by satscape (the predictor program on my macbook) 
matched heavens-above.  Then I found out why I wasn't hearing satellites at the appropriate
time on 70cm was because something is wrong with my 70cm antenna.  Due to health
issues, I can no longer go up on the roof to do antenna work so I will have to find
someone to help me fix it.

Dave W8IJ

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