[amsat-bb] Foxdelta ST-2 / LVB Tracker

K&R Yoksh yokshs at gmail.com
Fri Mar 1 20:19:46 PST 2013


 I have a ST2 interface, and am wondering if anyone else is using a
 non-Yaesu rotator? I have a Yaesu G500a for elevation, and a
 CDE/Hygain Ham II for azimuth. This setup worked well with my Kansas
 City Tracker board, and the Yaesu G500a part of the system works PERFECT.

 The trouble is, no matter what software I use, or even if I manually
 issue pointing commands via serial terminal, the ST2 will stop my
rotator too early, resulting in offpointing by about 20 degrees. I am
 using the same voltage divider that I used on my KCT, so the ST2 is
 seeing a 0-5v reading from the azimuth rotor POT. The LCD display
 matches the analog display within a degree, so the ST2 knows correctly
 where the azimuth rotator is aimed.

My PC is communicating with the ST2 perfectly, I can see the display
 on the LCD of where the rotator should stop (say 300 degrees) but it
 will actually stop at 280 or 320 for example. Unlike my KCT, the ST2
 will only make one attempt to aim. The KCT would stop the rotation,
 let the rotators and antennas settle for a second, then fine tune
 again if neccessary.

 I believe that this can be resolved by changing the sample rate or
 something else very minor. I've found the source code, and even tried
 twice to contact the author. I guess that because I didn't buy his LVB
 Tracker, he refuses to answer my emails? Not everyone has a pile of extra 
laying around to donate to Amsat. I've donated in the past (back when the 
economy was
in much better shape), but I cannot afford to right now, so I bought the 
Foxdelta ST-2 rather
than the "genuine" LVB Tracker.

 I have tried many nights to compile the source, even without making
 any changes. MPLAB says I need a C compiler, etc, and I've tried
 everything I can think of to add one.

 I even bought an extra PIC for testing, etc, and put the .09 firmware
 on it, so now I have two PICs, one with 0.7 and one with 0.9. Both
 versions do the very same thing.

 Can anyone help? I'd like to be able to release a new version of the
 HEX file for the next guy in this situation. I really don't think it's
 necessary for me to sell my Ham II and buy a Yaesu rotator for this to

73 and thanks for any suggestions.

Olathe, KS

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