[amsat-bb] E for Effort? From FJ13

N0JY n0jy at lavabit.com
Sun Jun 30 20:01:50 PDT 2013

Well, that was not nearly as productive as I had hoped!
By the time I got some decent signals from the U.S., the elevation was 
taking me down back into the QRM from all of the city around me.  I 
copied Frank, and tried to pull out one other who I heard as AA5VK but 
wasn't, sorry folks, the signals were just in the noise from the QRM 
even with the AMSAT broadband preamp.  I see an email from Glenn AA5PK 
now, well if we do it again tomorrow at least my ears may have a better 
idea what your call is!
Looking at opportunities tomorrow there is a nice AO-7 7/2 at 22:22 UTC 
here that covers a lot of the U.S., what mode will it be in?
We have an SO-50 7/2 at 00:54 UTC here that catches the southeast U.S. 
before my LOS but I'm shooting through some buildings, maybe the lower 
orbit will make up for that.  Then FO-29 again 7/2 at 03:10 UTC here 
that skims the top of the mountains to the west, which might be better 
than tonight because more of it is out the window rather than through 
part of the roof... it gets into the southern U.S.

Thanks to all for trying this with me, I'll look for you again tomorrow 
night.  Working portable is fun, but certainly more fun in a place where 
you can walk out in the park and do it!


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