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Andy Kellner hawat1 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 27 21:25:51 PDT 2013

Its interesting isn't it ? Before the launch there is usually all kinds of info available ... telemetry decoding software, launch vehicle and window, developer info including their website; often even enthusiastic youtube videos from excited university students and a general hype in the amateur sat community about having a new linear transponder in space...

And then after the launch: Nothing. No status update. No official statement. No debriefing. No keps. No updated info whatsoever. 

One then goes on a google quest to find out information and usually end up with outdated statements or links to halfway working websites in some foreign language.
The satellite then disappears into obscurity.

I always wondered why this is ? I mean, would it be too much to ask for the satellite operator to put out a daily update ? Something like : "O.K. folks, we are having some technical difficulties and the batteries don't charge, so the transponder does not work at the moment. We keep you posted. BTW: Here are the current keps " ? 

This could then be picked up from the Amsat websites and distributed to all the interested parties around the world.

Instead, we have to rely on each other to see if we can hear the bird, which is, of course, very difficult without accurate keps and frequency information.

*Sigh*. Guess this this part of the fun of being a ham satellite operator.

Andreas - VK4TH

 From: paul robinson <pushbiker2004 at yahoo.co.uk>
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Subject: [amsat-bb] Turksat status

I listed to turksat for the first couple of days in orbit,the becon was weak for the first day,there were reports that the transponder had been heard also weak,i did not hear it, I did try and put a signal through it  while the becon was on but nothing heard...the becon lasted a few days and got very weak until not heard...my throughts are that some how the solar cells did not charge..and its a dead duck...I was hoping for great things like a few of us but looks like its dead.Paul. 2E1EUB 
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