[amsat-bb] Kudos to the Amsat PR and Publications team(s)

Tom Gentry t.gentry at verizon.net
Tue Jun 25 20:14:46 PDT 2013

To all the AMSAT volunteers in the Webpage, Newsletter and Dayton Video 
teams, please accept my profound thanks for your efforts.  I am enjoying 
the newsletters and the webpage is looking better and better.  I think 
the new "Blog" format is very informative and useful as are the restored 
links to the old pages. Keep up the good work.

Recently I complained about the perceived lack of information and action 
on the issues with ARISS and NASA. Now after watching the videos from 
the Dayton Hamvention presentations, I understand the challenges of 
dealing with bureaucracies much better.  Many thanks to the ARISS team 
for explaining the issues so clearly in the video. I also am hopeful 
that the ITAR issue will be resolved soon and we can get back to perhaps 
exchanging technology and knowledge for rides.

A couple of long lasting birds would go a long way toward attracting new 
ground stations and users.  Perhaps a cloud based application where 
captured telemetry from the "CubeSats" could be forwarded to be stored 
for later download and information on the necessary hardware to build 
such stations would be a low maintenance yet broad based program.  This 
way hams and non-hams could participate and contribute, with ease.

Thanks again for a job well done (and doing).



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